The Most Common Cause Of Preventable Deaths In Homes

You may have a great security system for your home, but did you know that you are more likely to die in a house fire than in a robbery?  Smoke detectors that come with homes as installed by builders are NOT able to be connected to security systems.  In addition, most smoke detectors installed in homes before 2005 in Georgia are stand-alone type.  That means if one detects a fire, then only that one goes off.  So, in this case, if a fire breaks out in the basement, only one basement smoke detector would go off making it virtually impossible to hear on a 2nd story allowing the fire to grow to lethal size before additional detectors go off.  I personally watched a house burn to the ground in my neighborhood (smoke detectors were installed by the builders) and 2 people died because they didn't wake up in time to get out.  For this reason, we sell smoke detectors that DO connect to your alarm system for automatic fire department dispatch so you can rest easier at night.  Give us a call to make sure you're protected!