STOP!  Don't Disconnect Your Phone Line Without Calling Us First

Most people have their alarm systems setup to use their phone line for monitoring transmission purposes.  Eliminating your phone line will be a problem for you if this is the case.  Not to worry.  We have many options for monitoring without the use of a phone line such as monitoring over the Internet or monitoring via cell radio.


WARNING: Alarm System Incompatibility—Voice Over IP (VOIP) & Digital Phone Lines

Most VOIP systems and digital phone lines are generally NOT compatible with your alarm system if your system is monitored over a telephone line. Changing your traditional telephone line to a digital phone line will likely cause your monitored alarm system to lose ability to communicate to central station monitoring. This means that police, fire, medical, and other dispatch will NOT occur through central station monitoring if the alarm system cannot transmit its signals. Please call us if you have questions about this or to order radio monitoring which does not require a telephone line and therefore avoids these incompatibilities. Radio monitoring is a good option because it works even if the phone line has been cut.


URGENT: Cell Numbers Needed

In accordance with industry efforts to reduce false alarms, central station monitoring calls additional numbers on the call list BEFORE dispatching. Please call central station monitoring at 770-478-1513 to make sure valid cell phone numbers are in the first positions of the call list. Please also review your other numbers and remove any that are no longer valid. Call us for info on how best to do this.